Below you will find a list of services that our practice offers. If you have any questions, or need a service that you do not see listed, feel free to contact our office during our office hours.

• Routine comprehensive eye exams
• Manifest Refractions- For eyeglass prescriptions
• Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exams
• Intraocular Pressure Checks
• Kerotometry and A-Scans - For differentiating between normal and abnormal eye tissue, or for measuring the length of the eyeball
• Visual filed testing (Peripheral vision)- For Glaucoma
• Pachymetry- For corneal thickness measurement and analysis
• Fundus Photography- For all diseases of the retina
• Fluorescein Angiography- For diabetes, macular degeneration, and various disorders of the retina
• Cataract Surgery- State of the art, no stitch, no needle surgery
• Lid Surgery including minor in office minor lid surgery, or, hospital based major lid reconstruction
• Eye Lid Lesion Removal- Removal of skin tags, stye's, and chalazion. Usually performed in office
• GDX Testing- For Glaucoma, advanced laser test to assess the health of the optic nerve and nerve fiber layer of the retina
• Epilation of lashes- Removal of lashes
• Low Vision Screening- Guidance on low vision tools
• Insertion of Punctal plugs- For eye dryness
• Schirmers Test- For dry eyes
• Auto Refraction and Lensometry
• Argon Laser- For diabetic eye diseases and various disorders of the retina
• Color blindness testing
• Glaucoma Laser- Argon & Yag Laser for narrow angle Glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure (IOP)
• Stereo Testing- Testing for double vision and disorders of eye muscles/lazy eye
• Yag Laser- For post-operative cataract scarring and narrow angle Glaucoma
• Applanation Tonometry- Used to measure the pressure inside the eye
• Lasik Evaluations
• Gonioscopy- Examination of the anterior chamber angle through a special type of contact lens called a goniolens
• Retinal Evaluations for the full spectrum of retinal diseases and disorders
• Pterygium Surgery- Removal of corneal growth
• Retinal Specialist on staff
• Diabetic Exams
• Foreign Body Removal
• Steroid Injections Lid/Retina
• Macular Degeneration Treatment
• Intra-Vitreal Injections to Treat Macular Degeneration
• Premium Lens Options
• Toric Lens - To treat Astigmatism
• Crystalens - For Distance and Intermediate Vision
• Multi Focal Lens - For Distance and Near Vision
Now Offering Victus Laser Cataract Surgery

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