Laser Cataracts

Advanced VICTUS Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Assisted, bladeless cataract surgery is now available to you. Innovative technology designed to make the procedure more accurate and comfortable. This advanced technology is the next step in the evolution of cataract surgery. The laser offers maximum precision and makes the procedure more accurate and comfortable. We are now able to customize the procedure based on individual patient needs. You may qualify for a new surgical procedure designed to provide you with the full potential of precision laser technology.
Our practice also offers a full range of the most up-to-date lens options to replace the cloudy lens (cataract). We will be happy to discuss new options in intra ocular lens technology (which may help you see better at distance, intermediate, and near) as well as the laser procedure. Tri-State Eye is proud to offer the VICTUS laser.

Some of the Laser Cataract Surgery benefits include:

• Bladeless Surgery
• Maximum Precision and Accuracy
• Laser Treatment of Astigmatism
• Not-Traumatic Cataract Removal
• Softening and Dicing the Lens with Laser Safety and Precision
• Decreased Need and use of Ultrasonic power (Phacoemulsification) to Remove Lens
• Decreased Potential Damage to Vital Structures Inside the Eye
• Laser Correction of Astigmatism
• Improved Accuracy and Precision of Premium Lens Implantation and Positioning

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